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Local Delivery & Pick-up FAQs

If you live within 20 km of our Paris, Woodstock, Kitchener or Mount Forest locations (and some surrounding areas):

  1. Add $35.00 (or more!) of our gourmet food products to your shopping cart. 
  2. Enter your shipping details for our local delivery (only $5.00) and complete your order.   
  3. We deliver every Tuesday for orders placed by Sunday at midnight.  
  4. We recommend you pop a cooler and ice packs on your doorstep on Tuesday (you'll get a reminder email on Monday).
  5. Enjoy!

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you deliver to me?

 Do you live within a 20km radius of our kitchens in Paris, Kitchener, Mt Forest or Woodstock Ontario? If so, yes! (If you are outside our radius, you can order and pick-up your soup during our pick-up hours)

 If you are able to pop your postal code into the box at checkout, you are within the zone

 (We are hoping to expand our local delivery area in the near future. Please check back soon to see if we're ready to deliver to your area or sign up for our newsletter to receive updates: .)  

  • When do you deliver?

Every Tuesday between 10:00 am - 6:00 pm. (Order by midnight on Sunday) 

  • Can my order be delivered on a different Tuesday?

Yes. Place your order and contact the Kitchen Manager of the location that you ordered from.

Kitchener -

Paris -

Innerkip -

Mount Forest -

  • What is the minimum order?

 The minimum order amount is $35.00. If you don't put $35.00 in your cart, you will be unable to complete your order.  

  • I'm ordering frozen soup! How does that work?

The Raw Carrot is committed to providing healthy, gourmet-to-go meals at low cost and with as little environmental impact as possible. As such, we've decided to forgo expensive shipping in a fancy box with disposable cooling bags and packaging.  Instead, we will deliver the soup directly to you. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU HAVE YOUR OWN HARD-SIDED COOLER & ICE PACKS OR THAT YOU ARE HOME WITHIN A FEW HOURS OF DELIVERY! We will place our homemade gourmet soup (frozen) into your cooler for safekeeping.  We will leave your order in a cool spot if there is no cooler available. 

Your order will be hand-delivered to your front door and placed in the cooler. Easy peasy! No extra waste and no extra costs for additional packaging. 

  • Why is the soup sold frozen?

The mission of The Raw Carrot is to empower people who face barriers to traditional employment to secure their own livelihoods through the dignity of work. As such, all of our processes are geared toward creating work (not automating the process and thereby eliminating jobs). Currently, all our gourmet soup is handcrafted, cooled, packaged and flash frozen for maximum "freshness". It's just like soup mom made at home! We don't add any preservatives so currently this is the best option to provide a healthy product and create jobs.  

  • Do I need to be home when my order is delivered?

Nope! That's the great part. All gourmet soup is transported in temperature controlled coolers and delivered to your cooler at your doorstep.    

  • What happens if I forget to put out my cooler and ice packs? 

If you forget your cooler, we will leave your order in a cool spot for you to collect when you arrive home.   

  • What if something is wrong with my order?

We work really hard to ensure that your order is correct but sometimes mistakes happen. If so, please email or call us as soon as possible so that we can rectify the situation for you.  Our orders/delivery email is: 

  • I can't wait for my delivery! What should I do?

Place your order online, for pickup orders, you will receive an email when your soup is ready to be picked up, (usually within a week of ordering) and come in to pick-up your soup during our pick-up hours, (look at a locations to see pick-up hours). If you have any trouble, email:

  • How do I pay for my order?

Our online system accepts Visa or Mastercard. Just pop the products you want into your online cart and proceed to the checkout!  

  • What happens if the product/s I had ordered are sold out?

We try hard to ensure that we have lots of stock on hand, but sometimes demand is greater than our supply or our limited production items (seasonal soups) are sold out. If this happens, we can replace your variety with something else similar or hold your order until the following week (there is a tick box on the checkout page to indicate your choice).

  • Can I order soup for a friend?

Absolutely!!! Our handcrafted soup is the perfect gift: illness? new baby? family dinner? Everyone can use a warm "hug in a mug"!

 As long as the delivery address is within our delivery zone, you just put a separate Billing and Shipping address when you checkout.  

  • What happens if I am not satisfied with an item I receive?

All staff at The Raw Carrot work hard to ensure that the soups are healthy, tasty and delicious! Since each soup is made in small batches and is crafted by hand there will sometimes be small discrepancies in taste. Be assured that this is because we use no machinery or production lines - just people - peeling, chopping and "stirring up" gourmet soup. Every order is packed by hand. 

However, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and it is very important to us to know that our soup is high quality and is meeting your standards. If something is not to your satisfaction or you have any feedback, please get in touch right away and we will be very happy to sort it out.